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The Hub Peacebuilder Interview Series: Terry Mock

What does peacebuilding look like? Terry Mock of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive (AATA) is a champion of propagating the world’s largest old-growth trees before they are gone. Discover what tree planting has to do with peacebuilding and how a local Rotary Club in Oregon is planning to be part of the solution.

Win This Helmet 2016

The Sixes River Rural Fire Protection District provided fire protection for an estimated 20,000 attendees within the POCSA at the 2016 Cape Blanco Country Music Festival, sponsored by Bi-Mart, on the southern Oregon coast. The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive partnered with the SRFPD to raise funds for the department as well as awareness about fire protection at the event. Watch the trailer and the short video ad created for display at the festival.

Earth Day 2015

On February 28th, 2015 Archangel Ancient Tree Archive partnered with Rare Tree Reserve north of Port Orford, along with community leaders and children, to develop a pilot project to demonstrate the value of reforesting clear cut forest land with disease-resistant Port Orford cedar within its natural habitat, and to introduce Champion Coast Redwoods to help expand its habitat to help mitigate the effects of climate change. [ Watch the video ]

Earth Day 2013

The students of Pacific High School celebrate Earth Day 2013. Video by Nathan Malamud. Photography by Angelica Figueroa, Jamie Francis and Rebecca Malamud. Poster art by the Rural Design Collective. [ Watch the video ]

The Beginning of the Sustainable World

Through their deep study of cosmological and natural cycles, combined with their shamanic explorations into visionary states of consciousness, the classic Maya civilization were able to accurately predict this time as the crux of a planetary transition—which it is. It is wonderful that we have this precious opportunity. The question remains whether or not we will choose to make use of it. [ Watch the video ]