Some​ ancient redwood trees have been growing for 3,000 years or more, but these could be their final days. Already 95% of old growth coast redwoods have been lost. The redwoods that remain are being threatened by a warming climate and other human activity. Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that believes that the genetics of California’s champion redwood trees hold secrets that have not yet been discovered. You can help us to collect, clone, and archive the genetics of these important trees for future generations.​ ​Archangel Ancient Tree Archive will travel to California’s forests in May 2016 to collect and archive the genetics of some of the oldest, largest, and perhaps most important trees on Earth – the ​Champion ​Coast Redwood​s​ and Giant Sequoia​s​​.​

After we collect the genetics from some of the oldest redwoods on the planet, we will travel to northern California and southern Oregon to plan a grove of hundreds of Archangel Champion trees – saplings that have previously been collected and propagated. The new grove of Champion Coast Redwood trees will be planted north of their current range where future conditions will allow them to thrive while their parent trees face the tremendous stress posed by a warming climate…

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