The biological richness of Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve has supported animal and human communities for generations, fish, mammals, invertebrates, seabirds, and fishermen alike. Check out this unique story and some stunning footage from Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve

Located off the Southern Oregon Coast, just south of the historical town of Port Orford, the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve lies as a symbol of a community’s connection to , and dependence upon, its natural resources. This story features Redfish Rocks through exploring its complex and diverse habitats, and a community’s inextricable connection to it.

This is Oregon’s only marine reserve located south of Cape Blanco, a known biogeographic break where the north-south extent of some species begin or end. The reserve features emergent rocks and islands; beneath the surface, high-relief rocky reef, intermixed with bedrock, boulder fields and kelp beds support a wide diversity of fish, invertebrates, and marine mammals. This historical fishing ground now provides protections for an assortment of previously harvested fish and invertebrate species.