Elk River Salmon Emphasis Area from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.

The Elk River is a unique salmon and steelhead stronghold on the Pacific coast, a shimmering gem within a geographical region that has lost many of its original salmon and steelhead runs due to water development projects, antiquated logging practices and the loss of spawning and rearing habitats. The Elk’s status as a trophy salmon and steelhead stream depends upon retaining its healthy, intact habitats by maintaining the forests that grow in this steep canyon country that averages 150 inches of rain per year.

To keep it that way, sportsmen, grassroots volunteers, businesses and local government leaders are asking Congress to designate this watershed as the Elk River Salmon Emphasis Area (ERSEA). The designation would ensure that all of the components that create this outstanding salmon and steelhead fishery remain in the pristine condition they are in today.

Learn more at http://www.tu.org/elkriver